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Cocina & Vino 

Pueblo25, founded in 2016 was created out of passion and necessity. The exclusive nature of the Careyes lifestyle creates an ever growing need for the unique and elevated.

In the case of Pueblo25. Marco and Monica wanted to instill the same level of service they provide for their property accommodations, in a culinary setting.

We rely on a few core principals:

  • Locally sourced, organic and globally inspired dishes.

  • Environmentally sustainable practices in the kitchen and dining room.

  • Fresh talent and unique preparations for even the most complex palettes.

With these three pillars in mind we are able to create an unforgettable dining experience from the selection of various wines in “The Cave" (our in house cellar) to the open format kitchen where you can see all of the action from preparation to plating. 

Regardless if you are joining us for a glass of wine or sitting down for an in-kitchen Chef Table/culinary showcase, we look forward to serving you. 

In 2016:

In 2017

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